Instruct on a course

I am currently an ALSG Instructor

Current ALSG instructors can offer their services to teach on provider courses outside their own country, as long as they are fluent in the language that the course is delivered in. Generally speaking, international flight costs would not be covered by the course centres in these situations, but local travel and hotel costs may be. If you are already a full ALSG Instructor and are interested in teaching on a course worldwide, please click here to view the dates and venues and book directly with the course organiser.

Did you know?
ALSG instructors are already eligible or can easily convert to instruct on other ALSG courses. For instance:

  • APLS instructors are eligible to instruct on PHPLS and PLS courses
  • MOET instructors can convert to POET instructors by completing the POET on-line learning.

It may therefore be easier than you thought to instruct on other ALSG courses in your area. See the document below for further information.

Conversion and eligibility document

From time to time ALSG HQ are asked to establish courses in new centres, outside the UK. On these occasions we usually run 3 provider courses and a GIC, during the initial visit, so this can take up to 2 weeks to achieve. In these cases we need faculty members that are GIC instructors, as well as provider course instructors. Any instructor that has taught on 4 provider courses, as a full instructor, is eligible to teach on a GIC as an IC. After 2 courses as a GIC IC, they become full GIC instructors and can go on the list of instructors we can ask to help us establish new overseas centres, if we are approached to do so. Teaching on the GIC counts towards the teaching requirements for provider course instructor status. If you would like to teach on a GIC at ALSG HQ please click here (please note, you will be asked to log in to the GIC online site).

If you have any questions about being an instructor they may be answered on the instructor help page.

I have previously been an ALSG Instructor

If you have previously been an ALSG instructor and would like to re-certify please see the Instructor FAQ document for further details.

I would like to be an ALSG Instructor

If you would be interested in becoming an ALSG Instructor please click on the fact sheet below for details on the selection process and frequently asked questions.

Become an ALSG Instructor

I wish to become a CPRR Trainer

There are two potential routes to becoming a CPRR trainer: Route 1: If you are a consultant, associate specialist or named or designated nurse then you should read this document which explains the full process. Route 2: If you are an ST4-ST7 in paediatrics and you complete a CPRR provider course, you may be nominated to become a CPRR trainer. If you are recommended, then you would follow this process.

If you are following Route 1, then once you have observed a CPRR course, you should inform ALSG by completing the attached form.