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I was an ALSG instructor and havent taught for 4 years or more but I do actively teach on other ALSG or RC(UK) courses and have a current instructor certificate for this

If you wish to re-accredit as an ALSG instructor you should re-attend the provider course for the course you wish to teach on and if you are successfully recommended again for instructor training you will not have to re-attend the GIC course and will be fast-tracked to IC status. You will be asked for your current life support instructor certificate at the time of fast-tracking, so it must be valid.

How do I obtain an up-to-date copy of a course manual?

Once you have booked to teach on a course, the course centre should send you a faculty pre-course email.  This email contains a link to order the most up to date manual for the course you are teaching on.

I am an Australian APLS instructor wanting to teach in the UK

The course that runs in Australia is a different version to the APLS course we run in the UK.  In order to bring you up to speed with the UK version it is necessary to do the APLS e-modules. 

Once these are complete you can book to teach on a course as an IC and receive a UK version of the manual via the pre-course faculty email, sent from the course centre. Once you have passed your IC you will be listed as a full instructor.

To start this process, please send your instructor certificate to