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I am an ALSG instructor and want to know when I am due to recertify

Please log into the ALSG site via this link and click the menu tab at the top right of the page

Click on the 'Access my Instructor Certificates' link in the central column of the menu.  You will have a link to your instructor certificate for the year you became an instructor or last recertified. The certificate is valid for 4 years. You should book to recertify as an instructor the year the certificate is due to expire.

 Login page

The ALSG site web address is

Click the Log In button in the top right of the screen and enter your log in details into the boxes to access your account.

If you require a password reset you can do this via the log in page.

Contact ALSG

If your query is not answered in these FAQs please email

Forgotten username or password

If you have forgotten your password please request an automatic password reset from the web site by using the link under the log in boxes. 

If you have forgotten your username please use the registered email address we have for you, in the username box and your password.

The username box can recognise you using both your username & email in the username box.

If your username/email address does not work, please contact ALSG.

How do I become an ALSG instructor?

There is no guarantee any candidate will be selected for instructor training. To become an ALSG provider course Instructor you should first attend the provider course by booking a place via our web site The faculty teaching on the courses are looking for potential instructors to join the ALSG Instructor group.

If you are selected for instructor training you will be informed at the end of the course and this will be followed with an email from ALSG once the course returns have been submitted to us and processed. Please note this can be up to 8 weeks post course. If you have not heard from us in this time frame and have been told you were selected please fill in this form:

If you are selected you will be required to attend the Generic Instructor Course (GIC) and then do two Instructor Candidate (IC) placements before proceeding to Full Instructor status for your specific provider course.

How do I access the instructor e-modules?

The instructor e-modules are available via the 'Access my e-modules' in the central column on the menu.

Click each topic to launch them and you will receive a tick once each is completed. Depending on the course type there may be assessments or MCQs.  Once you have completed all of the elements in the list for your specific course type, you will be able to download a certificate.  Instructors are required to complete the e-modules for their course type every 2 years.

How do I book to teach on a course?

To book to teach on an ALSG course you can submit an application of interest directly to the course centre and date that suits you, by logging into and clicking on the 'Teach on a course' link in the central column of the menu.  For courses at ALSG Manchester you will be linked to a form where you can list the courses you would like to teach for the year.

How do I download my certificate for a course I have taught on?

Once you are confirmed as an instructor on a course you will be enrolled onto the course page. You can get a full list of the pages you are attached to by clicking on 'Access my courses' in the central column on the menu.

Once the course has taken place, you will find the certificate in the instructor section of the page, please fill in the post course feedback and your certificate will be released. 

How do I recertify & what is involved?

Book to teach on a course using the dates and venue links on and let the centre know you need to recertify.

What is involved in recertifying? 

You will be shadowed by fellow instructors during the provider course, who will complete assessments of your teaching. 

You should also have completed the requirements within the instructor activity regulations.  See the regulations which changed from 1st January 2018, here.

How many courses am I expected to teach on to remain an active instructor?

For Instructor activity regulation changes from 1st January 2018, please click here.