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Log in page

The ALSG site web address is To log in, click on the button in the top right corner of the website. Enter your log in details into the boxes to access your account.

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My course is not showing in the course listing screen

Course pages are available 3 months before the course depending when the centre applies for approval. Click on an appropriate year under 'Enrol on a my course page' in the left hand column of the menu and choose the course type you are looking for. This will show all of the course pages currently available. You can also use the search facility at the top of the main page, using the date format dd/mm/yyyy.

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Resuscitation Council (UK)

 If your query is about ALS, NLS or EPALS, please note that these courses are from the Resuscitation Council (UK).

Please visit their website for details on how to get in touch

The name on my certificate is spelt incorrectly

Unfortunately once you have pressed the certificate button your certificate is produced in PDF form and is therefore unchangeable. Please ensure your name is correct by editing your account before accessing your certificate.

Updates to course packages

At ALSG we feel it is important to keep our course packages as up to date as possible.  We work on a 'Just in Time' update system, so we can keep our packages correct, even before a new edition is available.


If an e-modules is updated, the new version will be available on your course page, where the old version would have been.  Therefore making sure you always have the newest version we have to offer. 


We produce a manual update document which is available on your course page or via the Course updates link in the footer of the website or by clicking here.

How many CPD points are awarded for each course?

Revised guidance from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges emphasises that the focus of CPD should be on its quality and reflection of its impact on a clinician's practice, rather than the amount of time spent on the activity and that the responsibility for identifying CPD requirements rests with the individual and should be based on their personal areas of practice and personal development plan agreed at their annual appraisal.

Although one 'CPD credit' will normally equate to one hour of educational activity, the amount of educational activity obtained from a specific event may vary between individuals depending on an individual's specific learning outcomes.