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Enrolling onto a course: non ALSG Manchester candidates


As a candidate, initially, you will not be attached to any courses, unless you have previously attended an ALSG course and you are using the same log in account.

The course organiser from the centre where you are attending the course should have provided you with an enrolment key to enter the course page. If this is not the case, please contact them. If you have your enrolment key, you can proceed to enrol onto the course by opening the menu in the top right of the page and clicking on the appropriate link under 'Enrol on a course' in the left hand column.

Course overview
The next step you will be asked to choose the your you are attending and the course type.

You will see a list of courses. Find your course centre and date; they are in alphabetical order by centre name, or you can use the search box at the top of the list. Please note you should search using the format dd/mm/yyyy.

Once you are enrolled onto the course page and are returning to the site, a list of courses you are enrolled on can be viewed by clicking on the 'Access my course page' in the left hand column of the menu.

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