The newly-named Managing Medical and Obstetric Emergencies and Trauma (mMOET) course has been renamed to highlight the medical emergencies together with the trauma components of the course.

mMOET is an internationally recognised obstetrics course, designed for senior clinicians from multi-disciplinary specialties managing and leading the care of pregnant women with medical emergencies and/or trauma.

The UK reports from the confidential enquiries into maternal deaths (MBRRACE-UK) suggests early recognition of critical illness, prompt involvement of senior clinical staff and authentic multi-disciplinary team working remain the key factors in providing high quality care to sick mothers. mMOET provides a high-level structured approach to managing these patients and teams caring for them and includes 24 training scenarios providing exposure to and practice in a wide variety of obstetric medical and trauma emergencies.

Candidates benefit from a team-based teaching approach as mMOET is built on the multi-disciplinary nature of managing a large variety of obstetric emergencies. mMOET highlights the Human Factors necessary for staff managing these complex situations and it emphasises the leadership, communication and situation awareness skills required.

As our maternity population becomes more clinically complex, the mMOET course includes simulations and teaching reflecting the latest morbidity and mortality findings, as identified in the annual MBRRACE-UK report (most recently published June 2017).

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