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Updates to course packages



At ALSG we feel it is important to keep our course packages as up to date as possible.  We work on a 'Just in Time' update system, so we can keep our packages correct, even before a new edition is available.


If an e-modules is updated, the new version will be available on the course page for candidates, where the old version would have been.  Therefore making sure they always have the newest version we have to offer. 


We produce a manual update document which is available on your course page or via the Course updates link in the footer of the website or by clicking here.

Teaching and centre materials

Any new teaching or centre materials will be uploaded to the site as soon as we need you to use them.  It is important that you check these folders before you send out candidates emails or get your teaching materials ready.  New items will be dated.  If an item has a date that is after your last course then it is important that you download an use that item correctly.  All teaching and centre materials are available on the Centre and Instructor Resources page: click here.  You will need to log in.

Helping to keep our course packages up to date

If you spot anything within the course package that seems incorrect, you can help us to keep things up to date by completing the 'Report any course package issues' on the Centre and Instructor resources page or the 'Notify ALSG of any issues with course materials' on any of our course pages.  

The issues will then become part of our 'Just in time' update system and be discussed by the working group for that course.  Updates to the package will then follow.

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