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Enrolling and unenrolling instructors and

Adding instructors and candidates to groups



  1. Click on the link 'Enrol instructors in page'
  2. Choose the 'Enrol users' button in the top right hand corner
  3. In the 'Select Users' box, type or paste your instructor name or email address
  4. The instructor should appear in a list below the 'Select Users' box
  5. Click on the correct instructor and they will appear in the top of this box
  6. You can then search for another
  7. Once you have searched for all of your instructors, click Full Instructors in the assign roles dropdown
  8. Then click 'Enrol Users' at the bottom of the box
  9. The system will take you back to the previous screen and you will see your instructors attached to the course page with the correct role.
  10. If you have attached them with the incorrect role you can change it on this page by clicking the edit under the role given in the table.  Start typing the new role in the box and it then lets you choose then click the save button next to it.
  11. You can remove the incorrect role by clicking the cross next to the role in the table
  12. Or you can unenroll them completely by clicking the cross at the far right of the table.


The use of groups has been introduced to support paperless courses and electronic marking.  It is also the way we will be tracking instructor activity. 


In the 'Enrol instructors in page' link, click on the edit pencil under the Group heading and start typing in the group you would like to give to this instructor.

To give you a useful overview before the course and us the details of who taught when, after the course, you can choose from:

  • Instructor - taught day 1
  • Instructor - taught day 2
  • Instructor - recertifying

Please note that instructors can belong to more than one group e.g. someone who is recertifying and therefore teaching on both days of the course will be a member of these three groups.  

You can add all necessary groups before clicking the save icon under the group list


In the 'Group your candidates for paperless' or the 'Check all of your candidates and instructors are enrolled to this course' link, click on the edit pencil under the Group heading and start typing in the group colour you would like to give to this candidate.

For candidates, the options are:

  • Group A - Red
  • Group B - Yellow
  • Group C - Green
  • Group D - Blue

Click the save button for each candidates before moving to the next.

Remove someone from a group by clicking on the 'X' on the right hand side of the group name.


At the end of the course, ensure all instructors are:

  • enrolled as the Course Director, Full Instructor or Instructor Candidate role
  • enrolled them in the correct group(s) for the days of the course they taught on - this will ensure that the correct instructor activity levels are logged
  • if they are recertifying, they are also enrolled in that group too.

If an instructor is unable to teach on the course, then please ensure that you unenrol them no later than the day after the course. 

You do this by entering the enrol screen in the same way as above and clicking on the red 'X' in the enrolments methods column, next to their name.

By completing these steps all of the instructor details can be collected directly by ALSG and you will not need to submit any further details on activity in the returns process.

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