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Validating transferring candidates pre-course learning



For candidates who transfer to your course from another centre

If an candidate starts at another centre but wishes to come to your centre for their face-to-face course and has started the pre-course learning, they should complete this on the other centres page.  They can then produce a validation certificate from that page to prove they have completed their pre-course.

  • Give them the enrolment key for your course or enrol them yourself using the links in the before the course section of the centre area in the course page
  • Click on the 'Validate a transferring candidates pre-course' link in the Before the course section of the centre area in the course page
  • Click submissions and you should see a full list of the candidates enrolled in this course page
  • for all of the candidates you have seen the validation certificate for you can mark them 1 out of 1
  • This will override the locking on the certificate and release their completion certificate once the course is finished and the end of course grades are entered
  • If an candidate has not started the pre-course at the other centre they should complete it on your course page.

For candidates who transfer between courses at the same centre

If a candidate moves to a course within the same centre, the co-ordinator can check they have completed their pre-course as they have access to the other page and then mark the Validate a transferring candidates pre-course' as above.