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Approving a course

To approve an ALSG course please use the approval form on the centre and Instructor Resources page: Click here. You will need to log in.

This form also allows you to order extra admin fee, VLE fee and manuals


Course centres who pay for more candidates than they take will gain 'tokens' for the places they don't use.  The approval form will remind you of the number of tokens you have to use. 

When completing the approval form, to use your tokens, reduce your invoice numbers on the order form section.  For instance if you are taking 24 candidates and the approval form shows you have 4 admin and 4 VLE tokens, reduce the number of invoiced admin and VLE places to 20 and order 24 manuals.

However, in some instances centres have more candidates than they intended.  Therefore they will have a negative tokens balance.  This can be resolved by going back into the form after your course and ordering and paying for extra to balance your account.

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