Manchester Triage System


The importance of implementing the triage methodology in a standard format cannot be stressed enough. Attendance at the national training days will ensure each unit is given appropriate direction, added information on dissemination and advice on how to form co-operatives with other units and share staff training.

The aim of the course is to train key trainers from units who wish to implement the Emergency Triage programme. Allocation of places will be to units rather than individuals.

Only units who have training provided by trainers who have undergone trainer training will be accredited to provide MTS. The system is now in third edition. 2e centres will continue to be supported to allow time for conversion training to be completed. The 2nd and 3rd edition are the only formats that should be used and decision making based on the 1st edition can no longer be supported as appropriate for current practice.

For any usage other than simply reading or consulting the book in the English language, individuals, companies, hospitals, and other organisations require a licence from Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Manchester Triage Group.

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How to book

The cost of the course is £500 which includes places for 2 key trainers.

The MTS trainer days are held at the ALSG training centre, Swinton, Manchester on the following date(s).

Dates to be confirmed for 2017

Important course updates

Any updates to current editions of the materials will be posted here for downloading.

You should check your edition of the manual to ensure that it reflects the changes in the following documents: