Here are just some of the comments our candidates have made about our courses ...

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), Manchester, January 2016

"Brilliant tutors! Very approachable and friendly and with a genuine passion for teaching and imparting knowledge. Have attended courses in London (ALS) and some (not all) tutors think they're better than you. Over here all of them were so nice and approachable and yet completely fair and honest in their moulage assessments. Brilliant faculty. Dr. Nauman and Dr Charlotte deserve special mentions. Carol Flaherty was exceptional in organising the course and getting everything done on time. The doctor from Jordan was a welcome addition and was absolutely brilliant in trying to impart as much knowledge as nicely as she could. Hats off to ALSG, Manchester!"

Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS), Manchester 2014

"The APLS course ran very well and to time, it was well organised and co-ordinated. The faculty were friendly and approachable and offered lots of opportunity for clarification of topics and to feedback."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course; I felt well supported and gained a lot from the experience."

"Amazing faculty and organisation. Great standard of teaching and scenarios, although scary, hugely improved my confidence."

"I feel the excellent faculty made for a very enjoyable and informative two days, they were extremely knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire course."

"I found the whole course fantastic! The faculty were so wonderfully supportive. Being in a small group of five, all of whom had different experiences and from different backgrounds, contributed to my positive experience."

"The teaching was excellent - all mentors (and candidates) were knowledgeable and willing to help others. The group I was with was comprised of very experienced medical staff. I enjoyed working with them."

"Excellent organisation - course ran efficiently and to time. Would definitely come to this training centre again. Faculty were all very friendly."

Child Protection: Recognition & Response (CPRR), Manchester 2014

"CPRR course was an excellent consolidation of learning."

"A very informative and useful course for Paediatric trainees approaching SpR level with knowledgeable staff. The role play was very useful with good practical application."

"This was an excellent course. I learnt a lot and would definitely recommend it to my colleagues. Thank you."

GIC, Manchester 2014

"Overall I found the course excellent, the VLE was very useful as I could replay the videos looking for all the interactions between instructors. I found this aided my learning as I am a visual learner."

"When I got positive feedback it was reassuring regarding how I normally teach, but it was when the others had suggestions for improvement that I really learnt. Thank you for constructive feedback."

"A well structured course that had a good flow to the information being learnt. Relaxed atmosphere where everybody's agenda was that of support and development of the students."

"I enjoyed my GIC and found it instructive and useful. It was inspiring and certainly equipped me better to teach/instruct on a course. There was a lot to think about and try out in teaching."

"Excellent course and faculty. The best course I have been on. Sound educational theory allowing time to practice. Thanks."

"This course was excellent, I can't fault it. I learnt so much about myself and teaching, and certainly feel more confident to teach. I was very impressed by the organisation."

"Really enjoyed the whole experience. Felt well prepared for my IC's. Very supportive environment and extremely well taught. Thank you."

Major Incident Medical Management & Support: Hospital (HMIMMS), UK and overseas 2014

"HMIMMS is an excellent course. The faculty were very knowledgeable, supportive and experienced in major incidents which added to the course. Having a mixture of people on the course from different positions in the hospital was excellent as it gave more insight into each other's roles during major incident. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you to all involved."

"A really friendly informative course. Team venue both great. Have recommended it to other staff."

"Excellent course - well delivered. Team was extremely knowledgeable, and credible - and critically delivered in an inclusive/supportive way; welcomed contribution from participants."

"Great teaching, communication and enjoyable."

"Wonderful experience."

Managing Obstetric Emergencies & Trauma (MOET), UK and overseas 2014

"I had an excellent mentor and felt well supported during the course."

"Well conducted and structured course. I feel more confident in managing obstetric emergencies, especially rare emergencies and trauma. This course has definitely boosted my confidence."

"I have learnt a good, structured and logical approach to the management of severely ill patient. My mentor was particularly fantastic and supportive. Catering was very good, after all needed good food to survive the intensity of the course."

"Overall an excellent course which allowed insights into the concerns, abilities and limitations of fellow colleagues from different specialities. This I feel, prepares for better team building and the utilisation of team resources more efficiently. I thoroughly enjoyed the obstetric aspects of the course and the neonatal resuscitation lecture and skills station were fantastic."

"Overall an unforgettable experience. Good learning from course instructors and candidates."

"The course not only lived up to my expectations, but exceeded them! Big thanks to Linda and fellow organisers!"

"My clinical approach has improved a lot and is more systematic after MOET. I learnt how to be a Team leader in various clinical situations. I appreciate the idea of Mentor system, I felt well supported by mentors. Thanks."

"I am glad I attended this course,the faculty were very approachable, knowledgeable and open to discussion. Having a mentor was valuable. Overall an excellent experience which makes me more confident in managing LW effectively and efficiently. Thanks."

Pre-hospital Obstetric Emergency Training (POET), UK and overseas 2014

"Course overcame all my expectations. In any case, it will help me a lot in my future work."

"The best course I have ever attended. Excellent. Well prepared. Congratulations and many thanks."

"Great course with very small group size, which was very good for learning and overall experience. Very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable faculty. Very satisfied with course and knowledge gained."

"Enjoyable, friendly team and faculty so felt at ease in practical scenarios. Feel more confident to deal with pregnant women in my day to day work."

Safe Transfer & Retrieval (STaR), Manchester and Switzerland 2014

"It was an awesome and rewarding experience. I promise to be a good ambassador that will drive it home and effect positive and structured approach through the use of ACCEPT approach in our patients' transfer process flow (intra and inter hospital transfers)."

"I had a really enjoyable time on the course. The learning obtained from all the different areas of practice is invaluable."

"Excellent course, very well delivered by the faculty. Gives a systematic approach to a situation where there is a risk that almost everything can go wrong, to anticipate things that can go wrong and have a planning ahead to trouble shoot them."

"I really enjoyed this course. The faculty was excellent, the location was excellent, and the catering was excellent. Well done to everyone, I know a lot of hard work goes into organising these valuable courses."